About the data required for calculating the mineral extraction tax on oil for August 2021
Base What is subject to tax. This can be either the number of minerals mined or
Restoring VAT when offsetting advances issued to a supplier in 1C 8.2
Home About the company Articles Advances / Settlement of advances in 1C: Accounting 8 September 17, 2019 From 1
Deferred expenses in 1C 8.3 Accounting - accrual and write-off
Deferred expenses in 1C Accounting 8.3 mean those expenses that we incurred
How to maintain tax registers for personal income tax
Why is it needed? Until 2021, tax agents only had to fill out and submit 2-NDFL certificates.
Submission of reports to Rosstat through the official website in 2021
Who should report to Rosstat Statistical reporting is provided for any business entity, regardless of type
VAT increase to 20%. Transition difficulties: advances, shipments, returns, tax agents
Advance payment is an advance payment for goods. That is, the contract has already been concluded, part of the money has been transferred to the seller
Withholding material damage from an employee in 1C ZUP: instructions
Quite often, an accountant on staff of a company is faced with the need to make appropriate deductions from
Until what date do you need to pay insurance premiums for employees?
Deadline for payment of insurance contributions to the Social Insurance Fund for August 2021
When do you not need to pay payroll taxes? Mandatory pension and medical contributions for 2021
Fill out KUDIR on the simplified tax system
How to control the amount of insurance contributions to KUDiR?
Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we continue the series of articles on how to fill out KUDIR
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How to provide an electronic explanation for the Federal Tax Service requirement
Electronic interaction with tax authorities has become widespread. The possibility of paperless exchange is of particular importance
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