How to properly keep a timesheet for 2021
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What are the formulas for calculating VAT (calculation and allocation)?
VAT are three letters that each of us has definitely heard. Even if you don't
Living wage and minimum wage in Moscow from January 1, 2021: what is it for pensioners, children, workers in Moscow?
Moscow minimum wage 2021 Minimum wage is the minimum wage that an organization or individual entrepreneur (employers) must
Reasons for conducting training sessions with employees and their existing types
Why are instructions needed? Each company, in order to organize safe work, develops and approves a standard
Application for leave and how to submit it to an employee depending on the type of leave provided?
When to write a vacation application A vacation application must be written in the following cases:
Production calendar for October 2021 with changes
Working time standards for 2021 Calendar days Working days Weekends and holidays Working hours
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