Submission of reports to Rosstat through the official website in 2021
Who should report to Rosstat Statistical reporting is provided for any business entity, regardless of type
Withholding material damage from an employee in 1C ZUP: instructions
Quite often, an accountant on staff of a company is faced with the need to make appropriate deductions from
VAT on advances received in 2021: changes and latest news from 2021
Advance in 2021 at a VAT rate of 18%, shipment in 2021 In 2018 between the parties
How to apply for financial assistance in 1C 8.3 Accounting
Accrual of material assistance in 1C ZUP 3.1 For accrual of material assistance in 1C ZUP 3.1
Balance sheet and off-balance sheet accounts. The order of recording, the structure of active, passive and active-passive balance sheet accounts.
What off-balance sheet accounts are intended for accounting for inventory items? The very definition of off-balance sheet accounts specified in the instructions
Coursework: Organization and ways to improve the production and marketing of meat at a pig farm in SHP LLC
How to return goods from a buyer in 1C 8.3
Let's consider the situation with returns. These operations always raise many questions. Return is the transfer of goods
Explanation of the VAT return to the tax office - sample 2020
Explanatory note on VAT refund sample
About the problematic situation The Tax Code in Article 176 briefly describes the entire VAT refund procedure
Date of registration of ownership of the apartment in 3 personal income tax
Declaration 3-NDFL 2021 for 2021 In addition to the above changes, the composition of some sheets, in
Cost Accounting in Construction
Determination and composition of the estimated cost of construction. Types of cost in construction. Costs that form the cost, their qualifications.
Currently, the construction business is developing at warp speed. New technologies and materials are emerging. Possessing
Settlement of mutual claims: when and how to carry out
Settlement. The main rules governing offset are found in Article 410 “Termination of an obligation by offset” and
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