Costs for comprehensive insurance in tax accounting for leasing
What are the postings for payment of capital insurance for leasing? The accounts used depend on the plan that
How the evening shift of work is regulated in the Labor Code.
August 28, 2015 Having considered the issue, we came to the following conclusion: The current legislation does not oblige
Accounting for financial investments
Criteria for recognizing assets as financial investments Not all objects are recognized as financial investments. Regulatory conditions for classifying assets as
Certificate of acceptance and transfer of bills
Registration of a loan by bill of exchange: advantages and disadvantages
The organization has the right to transfer to the counterparty a bill of exchange of a third party in payment of its debt. Such a transfer
Debt to equity ratio. Formula
What does the debt-to-equity ratio show? To calculate the ratio of borrowed and
Subsystem “Accounting for treasury property” in 1C: Accounting of a state institution 8
Receipt and acceptance for accounting of fixed assets in 1C 8.3 The purchase of fixed assets can be processed
Memo for employee bonuses: sample 2021
Types of employee incentives It is possible to reward an employee not only in material form. Main types of incentives
SZV-M for October 2021 - example of filling out
Who provides SZV-M The main reason for creating this report was to obtain information from business entities
Work book Requirements for drawing up an insert in the work book
What does the insert look like? So that the employee’s career continues, and the records in his work record remain intact
Both laughter and sin: how to fill out a 2-NDFL certificate if there is no money for a salary?
Who should submit reports in the form of 2-NDFL? The Tax Code gives a clear answer to this question
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